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this picture was the first time i saw him skiing from the front. every time he skied i was in the water helping him get ready and steady himself.

you can just barely see me way off in the distance to the left of the frame.

other, more current, news: will spent the night over here last night. the kids are watching tv right now (morning) while cathi makes some pancakes for us all. they all slept great and had the typical sleep-over fun after lights-out. i went in once to calm things down a bit and found all three boys in will’s bed with blankets and pillows all over the place. after that there was about 10 or 15 minutes of talking and laughing and then silence.

25 July 07


  1. Aidan, I am impressed – you look great on skiis.
    Karen    Jul 25, 1:07pm    #

  2. One of his proudest moments, I think. Maybe one of ours too, eh?
    catherine    Jul 25, 2:45pm    #

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