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1 August 07


  1. What fun! Thanks for sharing =)
    siric    Aug 1, 11:39am    #

  2. Love it, you tell such a story, and the ending photo is a big winner.
    Karen    Aug 1, 12:35pm    #

  3. There are too many to comment on. Though I must admit that the ones that brought me the most pleasure had you in them! Love that last photo(Christmas card 07!) and the one of you and Aidan looking over your shoulder! Love you all, Wen
    wendy    Aug 1, 6:38pm    #

  4. Another fine, fine super fine slide show, I think you really have your niche going on.

    I looked at the Browning wedding again today and really think that is marvelous.

    I was please to hear that Cathi dropped your wedding photo’s off and had a nice chat with Laura, we are eager to see more of the photos, thanks again.

    Steve    Aug 1, 7:50pm    #

  5. So fun to watch this!
    I’m very impressed that Aidan got up on waterskis. Way to go Aidan!
    laura    Aug 13, 11:08pm    #

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