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they are almost back and i haven’t even told you they were leaving. cathi and the boys are in k-town this week. they left sunday from taco bell (after church chow-down with the mundells and ewarts). they will be home waiting for me when i get home from work on friday.

the biggest reason for the lack of pictures in their absence has been the broken monitor at home. i can still see enough to use it, but it has gone way wonky. i’ve been busy with stuff, too. not sure what really, but there hasn’t been too much sitting around. i did go see the new bourne movie with trevor. that was sitting around i guess. there have been a few trips to the photo lab. and some soccer. and a photo shoot down on the beach with the 4×5. and a little work at the real office. and homegroup. is that enough stuff?

16 August 07


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