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so we went to disneyland. cathi, aidan and i. we left emmett with my mom in long beach and spent the day just the three of us at the happiest place on earth. it was a huge success to say the least. even my mom and emmett did ok. she was glad to see us back, however. i’m sure she slept pretty soundly that night.

the rockets were a favorite adventure on this day. aidan has talked about it a bunch since. dumbo, a similar ride, was also popular.

there will be more pictures in a few days, but the prints aren’t back yet – just the negs from the cross processed provia slide film.

30 September 04


  1. what a fantastically beautiful photograph. i was stunned when i opened up your website this morning.

    thanks for sharing all of your family moments, it is a real joy to see, and read.
    laura brothers    Sep 30, 3:26pm    #

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