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cathi made it back safe to us. we had a “boys rule the house” weekend over here. but she came back to us. to celebrate, we went to ruby’s for dinner. this is aidan in the booth next to me.

i know i am no good at the color correction thing, but the digi sure is fun. i get to blast away without thinking each shot costs me money. and i get to put pictures on the site the same day they were shot.

thanks trevor for letting me borrow the camera. film is still by gig, but it is fun to pretend every now and then.

speaking of film, my leica is on its way back from getting all juiced up. it has been in a box on my desk at work, ready to send, for at least a year. a few weeks ago it finally went off to Stephen Gandy of camera quest fame. yesterday i got the email saying it is on its way back to me. it’s like i’m getting a new camera in the mail soon.

ps. my leica is a pre-M rangefinder. a iiic to be exact. but it is still really cool and super fun to say things like “my leica.”

14 October 07


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