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got a bunch of stuff in this picture.

birthday party about to get under way.
six years old on the day this picture taken.
missing teeth (that have been asked about by a certain aunt more than once).
the bouncer empty for the last time that day.

2 November 07


  1. Thank goodness the tooth is gone! I could hardly look at the hanging tooth photos! Made me want to reach in the computer and pull the dang thing out. Although, we’ve had that happen around here a few times. But, we’ve gotten lucky. Two have been knocked out by footballs falling from the sky, one by a baseball.
    H West    Nov 3, 8:13am    #

  2. Thanks for the pic of the toothless Big Bro that is 6.
    Love you Aidan

    krista    Nov 3, 2:20pm    #

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