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vertans weekend

nice to have a three day weekend. soccer on a couple of days. a game for aidan. a game for me. got the blue bike all suped-up for emmett. lotta hangin’ out. fun.

13 November 07


  1. Precious picture on ‘Vertans’ weekend.
    H West    Nov 14, 1:55am    #

  2. what’s your point?
    geordie    Nov 14, 3:52am    #

  3. just want to kiss that face!!!
    krista    Nov 15, 2:07am    #

  4. beautiful pic. Today Caleb said, “when’s uncle Geordie and the kids coming down? You know… Emmett’s kind of like Guido… meaning he’s smaller than me.” There you have it. Miss you all.
    wendy    Nov 15, 8:40pm    #

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