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james the cylon

just to be clear, this is a picture of the birthday party crew from last month. no cylons in the crowd. not even the new ones that look just like us.

who would have thought we could get a bounce house in our backyard? fit nicely. even more amazing is all the kids coming together for a picture. not all looking at the camera, but better than i was hoping.

that out of the way, i want to talk about james the cylon. i have a small cylon figure that got mixed in with my star wars toys from way back when. a few months ago my mom brought them over for us to play with. she had been storing them somewhere at her place for the last 25 years. now they get steady rotation with the new fancy anakin and mace windu jobbers – which is fun to see.

any way… this cylon was out today and emmett asked what his name was. i told him he didn’t really have a name; he was just a cylon. “yeah, i know, but what is his name?” “like a storm trouper, emmett, he doesn’t have a name. he is just A CYLON.”

that didn’t fly. i was getting frustrated going back and forth with him, not coming up with any good explanations or diversions when aidan, who i didn’t even think was paying attention, said, “James.”

“what,” emmett and i both said.

“just say his name is James!” aidan suggested.

emmett looked at the cylon. then looked at me and said, “OK.”

13 November 07


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