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painting rocks

back from a fun thanksgiving weekend in kingsburg. we had all the good bits that go along with a thanksgiving weekend – food, friends, family, games, football (american on tv and the real one at the park) and napping.

the big addition to our thanksgiving this year was a heavy dose of guitar hero. krista and derek brought a ps2 with gh2, gh3 and and encore disk with 80s tunes. hours were spent by all rockin’ the house. and when i say all rocked, i mean ALL. emmett had a few turns with aunt krista helping out. but the real star was aidan. i think it was during a heavy session of paranoid by black sabbath that he said, “this is some good music.” he remarked later to cathi that barracuda was his favorite song.

seriously though, aidan could hold his own at the game flying solo. both hands working the ax while watching the tv screen.

but in case you were wondering, krista smoked us all. the only problem i saw with her technique was that she needed to get a little more into it. she was a guitar hero machine – i just needed to see the passion.

27 November 07


  1. Hey man, I’d say you had enough passion for the rest of us!
    Laura    Nov 28, 1:36pm    #

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