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always new cameras on the mind. friends buying brand new 20ds are killing me. i’m just wanting, wanting, wanting. but do i need, need, need? what i need are skills, skills, skills.

canon elan 7 : 50/1.8 : T-max 400 : hc-110(b)

question for the crowds: is anyone using the rss feeds some of the photoblogs are offering? if so, what reader(s) are you using?

5 October 04


  1. Are you joking with the “friends buying brand new 20ds are killing me?” Seriously now, let’s work the reverse envy. Cool WRX, Developing your own negs, TextPattern working like a charm, People asking you to take their pictures, You have a house, You have stock options, you’ve got SW development tools….... Need I say more? Get over it already. Some of us need all the help we can get. Don’t be a jacker, JACKER.
    You know who I am    Oct 5, 4:07am    #

  2. dude! calm down. don’t hate me because i’m beautiful.

    as you have pointed out, i am lame. but that was kind of my point in the beginning, so you don’t get credit.

    and yes, i do know who you are.
    geordie    Oct 5, 12:51pm    #

  3. I need to contact a real jaker
    Romina    Mar 28, 9:15pm    #

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