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so much on the porch

it is a great photo porch. the afternoon light is good in our front yard. if you want some open shade, the porch is the ticket.

this picture is from around christmas time with a new old camera. this one is special because it was owned by cathi’s grandparents long ago. at thanksgiving i was shooting the old leica in kingsburg and cathi’s uncle noticed. we talked about it and cameras in general (he’s a great nikon geek from way back. now shooting a D-something or another, but had his share of F’s in the day). a couple of weeks later i got a package in the mail with an old rollei inside. he had remembered that his son had helped cathi’s grandma clean out her garage some years ago and had let him keep the camera that he found. bill thought i should have it… so now i do. this is from the first roll of film through it. cathi’s dad, here at christmas, remembers his dad using it.

8 January 08


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