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i met another “Geordie” yesterday. same spelling and everything. occasionally come across a Jordan that goes by Jordy, but this is the first “GE” since elementary school.

this individual actually one-up’d me by being legally “Geordie.” drivers license and all. and it was a woman. of course she has a guys name and not the other way around, right? not that there’s anything wrong with that.

was really cool meeting her. i think it was less cool for her, however. it wasn’t like i was trying to touch her or anything. she just acted like she meets other Geordies all the time and that something about my interest in her name creeped her out. well, sorry, woman-Geordie. i promise to act like i don’t know you if i see you in town. No, i’ll probably run up to her and freak her out all over again.

edit: Cathi didn’t think she was creeped out. so we can cut woman-Geordie a little slack. i’m still gonna approach her in public no matter the circumstance. she bought a bunch of stuff from cathi at the yard sale.

picture from just before christmas at the skate park. if i remember correctly, i think i used the pentax lens on the canon.

20 January 08


  1. http://www.kristacarlson.com/

    I checked this site again today & love my “twin Name’s” work!

    Gald you met your same name spelling & I’m sure you didn’t freak her out G.

    krista    Jan 20, 7:49pm    #

  2. How fun to find that woman Geordie person. Did her parents think this name thing through first?

    My dear, you are Geordie—the only one I have ever known; and how I still love that name.
    Mom    Jan 27, 5:43pm    #

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