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orchard in winter

emmett is sick. wednesday night was pretty long – buckets, toilettes, the works. today was full of tv and sleeping on the couch. he’s sleeping now at 9:50pm and has been since 4:00 this afternoon. hope he’s better tomorrow.

saw Cloverfield with trevor this evening. wow! that’s all i can say. chris mundell re-enacted the first five minutes of it for me last weekend. we jumping around and screaming and waving his arms and going nuts. i just thought he was being funny. nope. that’s the movie.

24 January 08


  1. this is striking, Geord!
    wendy    Jan 25, 4:21pm    #

  2. OH, I LOVE IT!

    “That’s your kid” Cham said.
    Mom    Jan 27, 12:30pm    #

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