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some of the breakfast crew

the fogg kids had to bolt early so they are not in the picture here. what you have here is the youngs and the speakes. last friday we actually had the moms along for the ride. fun times.

19 February 08


  1. What a sweet little crew you have there. Love the pic, too!
    siric    Feb 19, 12:31pm    #

  2. I love it! I’m totally with the girl on the right! What’s wrong with you weirdos?!?!
    H West    Feb 19, 6:06pm    #

  3. What I love is Emmett’s sweatshirt. He’s the man of the day.
    Mom    Feb 28, 12:15am    #

  4. This one belongs in the archives with the other foursome shot of summer with Huckabays and popsicles. I love how you capture life as we live it. Very real, now, and insightful.
    Catherine    Feb 29, 9:44pm    #

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