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new nephew

my sister should be getting us a new nephew today. this is her of a week ago. prayers for you, wendy.

20 February 08


  1. COOL!!! Congratulations. Does she have any other kids?
    H West    Feb 20, 5:45pm    #

  2. Unfortunately I am home to answer this question myself… third boy for us. The hospital was too full for any inductions today. Looks like Friday now. Mom already was here so she is keeping the big guys busy with lots of Grandma play.
    wendy    Feb 20, 6:45pm    #

  3. This makes for good memories in the baby book. I’m glad the little love is swaddled in a cozy blanket in the basinett tonight.

    I took a picture the night Wendy and Matt left for the hospital… not nearly as nice as this one.

    Did she ask for a copy?
    Mom    Feb 28, 12:12am    #

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