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aidan helped coax emmett down this slide. e was very reluctant for a good while. aidan did succeed in convincing him to go down. he then did it about 30 more times.

today (thursday) is cathi’s birthday. give her a shout.

28 February 08


  1. Ah, I like this cute photo and the story that went along with it.
    Happy Birthday Cathi. You have three neat guys to spend your days with in gorgeous SB. If I had to move that is sure one city I could happily live in. But Napa does it for us these days, quiet and calm countryside and the river floating by.
    Karen    Feb 28, 3:20pm    #

  2. Happy Birthday Cathi! Hope your day is grand and your upcoming year filled with many blessings!
    Kimberly    Feb 28, 9:45pm    #

  3. happy birthday cath! we are so blessed to have you in our lives. you are an awesome mother to your boys and a great husband to george. hope this upcoming year has your cup overflowing with blessings.

    trev    Feb 29, 3:40am    #

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