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cathi and the boys are back home. a few hours after cathi hoped thanks to some gnarly traffic through LA. she called me a bit upset from westwood. i talked her into cruising out wilshire to the beach for a break. i thought she and the kids could use a walk-around. they found the santa monica pier and had a good time of it.

the ended up in our driveway about 9pm last night. emmett went from car seat to bed with barely a work. aidan, on the other hand, got the giggles and sillies and was up ‘till about 10. not a big deal as he had some nap time in the car and it was fun to hang out with him on the couch for a while. he laughed until he was bent over in stitches when i told him about the hawk i saw poop the other day.

good to have them back.

we BBQ’d for the first time this season today.

30 March 08


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