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some hands

wednesday night we were over at the feld’s for homegroup. about 8 o’clock dan and i took off upstairs to put the kids in bed. josh was cruising down just then and announced that emmett was asleep on the landing.

when we came in earlier that evening, i dropped the bag of sleeping paraphernalia on the landing half way up to the bedrooms. emmett had found his pillow and a new stuffed animal friend and was curled up sound alseep. i put an open sleeping bag over him, moved him a bit over to the side, and let him sleep the rest of the evening right there.

i made sure everyone came over and took a good look at one of the cutest things they would ever see. kim took some pictures. maybe we’ll have proof one of these days.

these hands are not emmett’s. they are leslie sander and her parents some time before she became leslie winegander.

4 April 08


  1. you have me reading this darling tear in the corner of my eye story to Derek. I just cherish and LOVE these fun kid o stories!
    Love to you and the Hands are beautiful!!!!!

    your fan,
    Krista    Apr 4, 6:27pm    #

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