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opening day

tball went just fine on thursday. aidan played third base and saw no action. had two at-bats that saw him come all the way home. in all, a good experience.

tomorrow (saturday) is opening day. don’t ask me how the first game comes before opening day. especially since the older kids have been having games for weeks now. i don’t get baseball. ask ben or dan for those kinds of details.

our game is at 8:30. coach wants us there at 8:00 so the kids can warm up. opening day ceremonies will then go until about 11:00 or 12:00. i have volunteer duty from 11:00 to 2:00. except for the time during the game (maybe even then), i will be fantasizing about soccer season. teaching the kids to stay wide. receive passes. beat a player going towards goal. passing to a teammate open in front of the goal. scoring with a huge, booming, shot that tears a hole in the back of the net. oops. got a bit carried away. i’ll settle for some more swarm ball with a pass here and there to warm the soccer heart.

12 April 08


  1. Baseball is so boring I find myself almost agreeing with you. Let’s get on to the real football, soccer!
    Steve    Apr 17, 11:30am    #

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