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big day

it all started at the t-ball game this morning. aidan hit his first home run. there is no out field fence to crush is over, but he crossed home plate before they even got the ball back into the in field. big time.

and then we saved aidan’s glove and hat (plus emmett’s glove) from In-n-Out. i left it there thursday night after the game. luckily molly had an extra glove for aidan to use during the game.

and then cathi took the kids to the beach while i had a soccer game. we lost, so that wasn’t so great. but they stopped off on the way to the beach and bought both boys a boogie board. fun.

i joined them at the beach after mine game (that i lost) just in time to see cathi suit up for some surfing. ben and jade went out there with her and got her up on the board her first day out. ben came in after she proved there wasn’t much more teaching that needed to happen and she and jade ripped it up for another hour or so taking turns riding the huge swell at campus point.

then we had a fun dinner with mundell’s and ewartts at kahuna (the goleta one ‘cause we are old school).

did i mention we lost our soccer game today?

26 April 08


  1. Sweet day… sweet life. Not to sound too hokey, but it pleases me to know you are so blessed. Sorry about the game. Go Aidan!
    wendy    Apr 27, 8:59pm    #

  2. “Way to shred, Cathi.” —Cham
    “Next time, Geordie.”—Mom
    “Look out, Barry! Here comes Aidan.”—Cham
    Mom    May 3, 8:13pm    #

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