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van.2 wheeler.force out

lots happened this weekend. i’ll give a little re-cap.

friday afternoon cathi had a meeting at aidan’s school. the boys went with and played on the playground while cathi handled the biz in a nearby classroom. aidan bursts into the meeting with news that emmett was out on the blacktop riding a two wheel bike. turns out that while aidan was in the bathroom, emmett found a schoolyard bike and just decided to to ride. one of those metal jobers with the pedals attached to the front wheel. just went for it. no coaxing, coaching or cajoling. we hadn’t really even been talking about it around the house. he just chose to do it.

so after work and after dinner at fresco that night we took the training wheels off the smallest of the bikes we have around here and he showed us his stuff. he rips. i’m not sure if i am more stoked or more bummed that i don’t get to do the run along side thing with him while he learns. either way, he is doing it full legit. sharp turns. start. stop. over the grass. the works.

second thing of excite is the tball game saturday morning. aidan prayed the “rover” position which is where the traditional second baseman plays. on his team the second base position is standing right on second base. easier to cover the base when needed that way i guess. he fielded a grounder hit to him and then threw out the runner at first base. then later in the inning he covered second and caught a ball thrown from center field and tagged the base for an out. and he batted in the first slot, got on base three times, and was moved around the bases by his team mates, scoring all three times.

and we now own a mini van. that was probably what you felt in your belly about 4:00 sunday afternoon. it was the galactic cool factor shifting drastically. we have single handedly ripped the mini van into the cool. we have not settled for a van, we have caused a paradigm shift in the american car culture. cathi was amazing in our car purchase adventure. it was her deal. ask her about it. i’m proud of her.

oh, and my saturday, 30+ soccer team won. i missed a couple shots i’d like to try again, but it didn’t end up mattering.

and then there is Man Utd winning their 17th league title. that little thing. but i didn’t have much to do with that.

and lastly, we speake boys were very thankful for our mothers. we hope they all had great mothers’ days.

12 May 08

under lights ++ christmas beanie ++ beach evening ++ hat ++ post game with coach hans