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ginger in church

soccer is the best sport ever. i still love you, but know that your excuses are old, tired and quite frankly, a little silly.

of course no one likes it when a player takes a dive. and it is a problem. it gets talked about all the time. especially by those that love the game. you’ll notice that a dive will get you a yellow card more often than a free kick. i don’t understand why it is used as an anti-football argument.

a bench-clearing brawl? is that the way NATO would have us play? is a two minute penalty as a result of fighting imply the sport is better? or would you rather a history of corked bats and performance enhancing drugs? i’ll take the sport where one of the greatest players of our time looses his cool in the heat of battle and gets thrown out of his last game ever. a game he was about to win to take that ugly world cup home to france, again.

and in case you want examples, pick ‘em better than beckham and ronaldo. beckham, no matter your opinion of him or his wife, has always been a fierce competitor more likely to hit the ground in a hard tackle, than to fake an injury. and if you mean christiano ronaldo, he is an example of a player who was all too likely to go to ground up to just a few years ago. but he has learned he has more to offer (like a kagillian goals this season) if he keeps his feet despite the foul.

its the beautiful game. especially in orange!

15 June 08

under lights ++ christmas beanie ++ beach evening ++ hat ++ post game with coach hans