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a funny little story about these rock towers…

the day before we showed up a the felds’ cabin, dan and his boys made these towers. they were pretty cool. i don’t have the patience to get the rocks all balancie personally.

the second day we are there every one is into throwing stones and skipping and making big splashes. basic river throwing fun. someone, i don’t remember who, suggests throwing rocks at the little towers. dan says sure, but you have to stand way back here. he points to some area way out of the plausible hitting range of the kids.

the kids all move to the area selected and pick good stones. emmett (the youngest of the set of kids ranging from almost 4 to well into 9) is the first to huck. bamm! tower number one down! no one else has even thrown their first stone. we all just turn and look at dan, emmett included, as if to say “you ok with what just happened?”

15 July 08


  1. I’m not into the whole (what’s it called?) fung-something-or-another… but this pic is really serene. Peaceful. Beautiful. And great story.
    wendy    Jul 17, 12:34am    #

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