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nomad ii

back of the new nomad.

other news: got rousted by the cops today. that hasn’t happened for a while. maybe back in high school, skating the drainage ditches near the oil pumps. this one was a little less alternative – park rangers telling us we couldn’t do AYSO practice at shoreline park. apparently there have been local residents complaining about kids playing in the park. even writing editorials in the paper, some say. i know, it is awful that kids would actually play at a park. what kind of lame greenhouse gas-loving fiend would be upset by seeing kids playing at a park?

17 September 08


  1. Love this picture! Very stylish.
    Between the speeding ticket and the park rangers, I’d say you are a rebel.

    Kaylee loves playing with Emmett at preschool. Hope you 4 are doing well!
    Holly    Sep 22, 9:27pm    #

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